Recently graduated with a diploma in Interior Design and Decoration, I hope to further my knowledge of the industry and develop not only as a person but a designer as well.


I thrive in a collaborative atmosphere, enjoy collaborating with fellow designers and clients, bouncing ideas around and being creative. I enjoy keeping busy and working on multiple projects at a time. Every project I've completed at Billy Blue was always alongside two or three other projects.


I'm driven by the atmospheric characteristics of spaces, entering a space as an experience, being able to interact with your surroundings. Design is something which I believe is meant to impact you.


Using muted neutrals, tans and terracottas combined with organic free form shapes to create a beautiful stall to not only showcase Beysis' sustainable products but also everything they stand for, to create an empowering space where everyone is accepted and to bring light to a good company with good design at their hearts.

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Platter Up Co

A focus on togetherness & a sense of wonder and play

To shed a new light on ‘going out for drinks and nibbles’ – it’s about the enjoyment and the atmosphere. To be able to move around the space and engage with all the fun details. It is about the experience, the sense of play, interacting with your surroundings as opposed to existing in them.

Finders Keepers Penthouse

A desire for the perfect "work from home" solution for this team of creatives takes form in the 'Finders keepers Penthouse'. 

The concept behind this project taken from the namesake of my clients marketplace business; The Finders Keepers, a market place which travels throughout Australia displaying bespoke pieces by small Australian designers and artisans.

This combined residential and commercial duel dwelling takes form in relative penthouse appartments and team office space as well as rooftop marketstyle eateries, defining public and private spaces while encouraging a work from home lifestyle.

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Sunday Roast Rotisserie

A small, intimate & cosy rotisserie located across from South Sydney’s hustling and bustling Westfield.

This homely restaurant is exactly what is missing from the restaurants in the shopping centre. Not competing, but complementing the dynamic of the Sutherland Shire.

Taking advantage of the narrow and long space, wall detailing and vertical cues were the key to a successful space plan. A rich colour palette coupled with clever lighting placement provokes a calming atmosphere.

Day or Night


Lighting and material study.

During this project i learnt about the complexity of lighting, and how materials are shown differently depending on the lighting used. An outdoor pool scene was rendered using 3ds Max and V-ray

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New york Loft

New York meets urban living in the 'New York loft' 

This project embodies the concept of relaxed living as clients Max & Lisa were looking for a sanctuary away from their busy work life and found just that in their new industrial apartment space in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

New york city style inspired informed by their travels,  as well as tan leathers, bentwood, a contemporary colour pallet, mid century modern form.

Melbourne Residence

A project solely focussed on custom joinery and bespoke finishes, navigating hand drafting and the technicalities of joinery.

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